Winter is coming, do you know what quad is most popular for indoor racing? Oh, yes, it’s Tiny whoop. But what is tiny whoop?

Tiny Whoop is a micro brushed drone with ducted fans and FPV camera, also called “TW”.  Thanks to its large propeller protectors, the TW is safe to fly indoor even for newbies. You can also cruise in a park without hurting anyone. And it became very popular since it released. And many tiny whoop clones arose, they are almost the same. Like Blade Inductrix FPV, also called ”the official Whoop”, BTW. Besides that, Eachine E010, Eachine QX70 are also the clones.

Battery for your tiny whoop

What battery is fit for tiny whoop? TATTU 220mah 3.7V is best battery choice for winter indoor fpv racing, 45c lipo, enough power, high burst, can go full throttle even kept inside in winnter time, indoor racing be much more fun, no puff after long time using, this tiny battery also adopted the best materials in lipo industry, stable, safe and strong power.

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