Grepow is Gens Ace and Tattu batteries’ manufacturer, and one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers. Professional and specialize in high discharge rate battery, LIPO/Nimh battery and Shaped battery etc. Covering an area 7.6 hectare, 3000employees, 300 of them in R&D department; The engineers and technicians who have won several national patents.

Grepow special shaped battery support for custom. Fit into any and all available space in your product for maximum efficiency. Everything in size and shape can be customized by Grepow. The size minimum low to 0.45mm in thickness, 4.5mm in width. And meanwhile, Grepow produce standard nominal 3.7V lipo batteries and also able to mass produce high-pressure batteries at 3.8V & 3.85V.

Grepow Special shaped lipo battery

Special shaped battery suited to wearable, hot clothes, shoes, smart watch, headset, smart ring, GPS and anything else you can imagine.

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