UAV drone as a new information acquisition carrier has been widely concerned. With the gradual maturity of technology, because of UAV drone has advantage of good adaptability and easy operation etc, it has been used by more and more fields. And become a new type of equipment in agricultural operations.

Plant protection UAV drone

So, the plant protection UAV drone is used in agroforestry and plant protection operations, it is  through the ground remote control or GPS flight control to achieve the agricultural spraying operations. It has the characteristics of precise operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence and easy operation, saving the cost of large machinery and a lot of manpower for farmers. So the plant protection UAV drone is popular in widely countries. For the plant protection UAV drone, The battery life is also concerned by every users. Tattu brand have a high reputation in the field of UAV battery. In recent we released new items - Tattu 12S Plus 1.0 Series UAV batteries, they are professional suitable for Agriculture plant protection. Are you interested in? Let us see more:

Tattu Plus 1.0 12S series is suitable for agricultural plant protection, security mapping, power inspection and other industries.The whole system includes data acquisition, security warning, power calculation, automatic equalization, charging warning, discharge anti-sparking, support charging by charging butler, abnormal state alarm, human-computer interaction, history query, parameter configuration, etc. Also can access the battery pack status and battery pack working history data by CAN/SMBU communication port and host computer software.

Tattu plus 1.0 12S series have 2 capacities: 16000mAh and 22000mAh; They have some features, such as communication protocol CAN, communication protection, Fuel gauge, self-inspection, using time log, current detection, ultra-low power consumption and abnormal log etc. They can give your plant protection UAV drone long flight time and protection.

Tattu 22000mAh 12S 25C lipo battery

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Tattu plus 1.0 12S lipo battery not only suitable for Agriculture plant protection, and also used to security mapping, power inspection and other industries. 

Tattu Plus 1.0 12S Lipo Battery Video: