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Grepow Inc.
Custom Battery Cells and Battery Packs
Do you need a custom size or
shape battery to complete your product?
At Grepow our technical team is ready to provide you with a
customized solution to meet your battery power requirements.

We manufacture several different battery chemistries including:
Nickel Metal Hydride(NiMH), Lithium Iron phosphate(LiFe) and Lithium Polymer(LiPo)
We have many solutions available, such as:
1) Single cell batteries manufactured in custom sizes and shapes
2) Custom single cell batteries with a wiring harness, connector
and label
3) Custom single cell batteries with a wiring harness, connector,
circuit protection board, hardcase, development of customized
packaging, and product specific special technology such as a
battery management system(BMS)
4) Custom battery packs designed to fit your application

Why use Grepow?
We have more than 200 Engineers and supporting technical staff
to create a solution for you. Our research and development team
will bring your battery power requirements to life using our
cutting-edge technology equipment and processes.

Currently we are the only battery
manufacturer in China that can research,
develop independently and manufacture NiMH,
LiPo and LiFe batteries at the same time.

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