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How to choose ESC

24/06/2018 09:10


This is something that many people get confused with, but if you follow a few simple rules then you should have no problems.

Firstly, voltage. Make sure you choose an ESC that is capable of handling the number of cells you choose to use. Personally, I will always go for one that is capable of handling more cells than I will be using. For example, if I wish to use a 3S battery on a model I will use an ESC that is capable of handling at least 4S.

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Posted in Guide By Flora
esc ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller, which control the speed of your brushless motors.They receive signal or command from flight controller, and change the motor speed (RPM) by providing the appropriate level of electrical power. and also they come with different amps such as 20A, 30A etc. and the size of ESC that you need depends on your quadcopter. Ok, let us see what you need to know about esc.
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Posted in Guide By Flora

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