Here’s a product engineer. Recently, He was working on a wearable bracelet design and it’s starting to take shape, but…The selection of the battery has troubled him for a long time.

He has tried lots of types like the small cylinder and the button, but they could not make good use of space for the internal structure. Ultimately, it was a curved battery that solves the problem of structural design perfectly. So, today he is gonna share us with this amazing product and hopes it will help.

The bracelet’s components include bracelet tape, E-Edition, display screen, metal edge, bracelet battery.

Here comes the most important part — bracelet battery, no cylinder battery, he is gonna need shaped battery.

grepow shaped battery

Alright, he search “shaped battery” on Google. Then he found Grepow battery, shaped custom, round, D line, hexagonal, triangle, arc, and etc.

Grepow customized shaped battery and the arc can be customized with high safety, not damaging the electrodes.

It is widely used in smart watches, bracelets, rings, and other products with high safety performance.

The ultra-thin battery, with a thickness as low as 0.45mm, can be widely used in the smart card industry.

Even the design of the staircase shape can be customized to make full use of the internal space.

grepow Ultrathin battery

Take the arc battery as an example, on one hand, the embedded custom battery is to maximize the running time of the application, and on the other hand, optimize the adaptation of the form to the application. The end product can be designed almost free from the form of the battery.

With the advantages of a perfect fit with the design and Long-term battery life, it could just make full use of the space.

The advantages of Grepow shaped battery:

1. Perfect fit with the design

2. Space usage maximization

3. Long-term battery life

4. Use laminated sheets made bags  (Stacking & bagging technology)

5. Can be customized according to customer equipment space in 100% (100% customization)

6. Maximum Capacity (Capacity maximization)

7. Fast charge and release (discharge)

Grepow adopts stacking and bagging technology, which can meet the requirement for fast charge and discharge with characteristics of high-level automation, high safety performance, and capacity maximization.

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