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NIMH BATTERY, LIPO BATTERY, LIFE BATTERY, by the effort of 200 professional engineers and technicians with 20 years of exquisite battery technology.

As a Chinese leading designer and manufacturer of advanced rechargeable batteries, GREPOW ELECTRONICS CO.LIMITED has continued to devote its resources and efforts to developing high performance and reliable rechargeable batteries for today's global market.

Based on its advanced technology, stringent QC, and cost competitiveness, we offer a wide range of quality Nike Metal Hydride as well as Lithium Polymer batteries to meet ever-increasing demands for higher performance, higher energy density, lighter-weight , more safety and longer cycle life.


Advantage of the Gene Lithium Polymer:

Gens ace the Oracover which can stand the high temperature up to 250C to stick the batteries. You want to be happy with the equisite and solid packing.

All the Gens ace packs under the strict QC .:

Gens Ace are a brand new lithium polymer battery with conservative 20C and 40C continuous discharge rating as well as some more powerful 50C and 60C packs. Gens Ace LiPo packs - while some pack manufacturers are hyping their brands with unrealistic C ratings, Gens Ace LiPo batteries are offering genuine performance with their stated C rating. Many users have commented that the 25C packs actually perform as well as 40C rated Li-Po batteries offered by other manufacturers. With great all-round performance, light-weight and low internal resistance, you will be glad you tried them! Go fly.

Advantage of Nimh battery:

Gens ace Ni-mh batteries are enviromentally friendly, reliable & high efficient, with long cycle life and excellent dis-charging characteristics. These are widely used in portable household appliances, portable digital products, electrics toys, power tools, R / C toys and R / C models, etc.



We deliver the goods from our Germany warehouse. In normal situation, you want to get the goods in 1 to 3 days.

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