Winter is coming, do you know what quad is most popular for indoor racing? Oh, yes, it’s Tiny whoop. But what is tiny whoop?

Tiny Whoop is a micro brushed drone with ducted fans and FPV camera, also called “TW”.  Thanks to its large propeller protectors, the TW is safe to fly indoor even for newbies. You can also cruise in a park without hurting anyone. And it became very popular since it released. And many tiny whoop clones arose, they are almost the same. Like Blade Inductrix FPV, also called ”the official Whoop”, BTW. Besides that, Eachine E010, Eachine QX70 are also the alternatives.

Battery for your tiny whoop

What battery is fit for tiny whoop? TATTU 220mah 3.7V is best battery choice for winter indoor fpv racing, 45c lipo, enough power, high burst, can go full throttle even kept inside in winnter time, indoor racing be much more fun, no puff after long time using, this tiny battery also adopted the best materials in lipo industry, stable, safe and strong power.


Capacity: 220mAh
Voltage: 3.7V (1S)
Discharge Rate: 45C
Weight: 5.5g
Size: 51*11*5.5mm
Discharge Plug: Eflite


specially designed for Tiny Whoop, Blade Inductrix, Blade Nano QX, Nano CPX, Blade mCX, Blade mCX2, UMX Radian, Champ, UMX T-28, Night Vapor, UMX Corsair, Whipit, Sport Cub S, Eachine E010, Eachine E010 WHOOP-E, Blade MSR, mCPX etc.

tinywhoop batteries

And there are some reviews about this lipo:

A: I use these on my tiny Whoops, Blade Inductrix FPV, Blade Inductrix Pro, I like these Tattu more than the few Venom and Eflight/Blade batteries I have. Seem to have more power and get 3 minutes of flight time. If I use the Blade or Venom brand I always seem to start loosing power around the 2 min flight time. Tattu best quality!!! I've probably got 300+ flights on these, yes I've replaced frames and props multiple times, but all my Tattu batteries still going strong. 

B: Awesome tiny whoop batteries. I get about 3min 20seconds with an eachine e010 frame, crazepony insane motors and an AIO camera.

C: And what I want to say about thoes batteries ?

They are SO DAMN PERFECT! Seriously I was flying on them 10mins ago and I said after that ' I WANT MORE' I will make a nice review about them and I will say something about themand add on my YT channel.

Are you into it? There are what you need.

220 1S (1pcs)  :

220 1s (5pcs) :