18000 6S

As FPV usually for racing, and micro drone for indoor or outdoor playing, however some other drones are more useful and serious. Like DJI Phantom for aerial photography, 3dr for surveying, and others as a agriculture spraying drone used in agriculture.

These different drones or UAV, require different flight speed and burst, I mean power system for different usages. Like Racing FPV, need high burst and high rate power, but don’t care about the flight time, that’s why the R-line series came out. To the opposite, camera drones usually use for shooting videos and pictures, so them need to fly smoothly, and longer flight time is important, so them need some power of a bigger capacity and lower C rating. That’ why we launched 5200 series UAV lipo battery. And for aerial photography drone, we just release a new products, what is it? I’ll introduce to you.


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