There are two different types of RC vehicles that are available for new potential owners to purchase. The first is RTR (Ready To Run) and Build Your Own kits. Knowing the difference between the two will help a potential owner determine whether or not they should go with a certain kit, and what could be expected of that kit later on down the line. The two different kits will play into a few different factors, such as development time, tuning opportunities, experience level barriers, etc. Without further ado, let’s break down the difference between the two kits.

What is a Ready To Run (RTR) kit?

An RTR (Ready To Run) RC vehicle kit is one that is great for individuals looking to plug and play. This means that after purchasing the RC vehicle, the only extra work that is required is to unpack the box, pull out the RC vehicle, charge it for a full charge, and begin zipping around. 

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