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So this weekend we were in Otterville for the O Town cup series race #1 this is the kick off to our outdoor season and mother nature was not on board.

I was given the opportunity to test out the new RS spec batteries from Gensace. So to make things fair I wanted to get a baseline on my current Gensace 7200mah 70c battery. I am very familiar with this battery since I have been running it for the last 2 years with no issues so to say the least I was very excited to be picked to try out the new RS spec.

 So the vehicle of choice was a TLR SCTE 3.0 with a tekin gen3 esc and 4600kv motor mated with a savox 1258 black edition servo. 
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Posted in Reviews By Flora
gens ace 6000 7.6v I received 2 Gens Ace 6000mah 100C 7.6v batteries from Gens Ace to test.
What I can tell about this batteries is WOW!
I was using before the 7200mah 7.4v battery in my SCT and used 2 together as a 4s in my Tekno 48.4 ebuggy.
Son as I started running this 6000mah batteries, I noticed a lots of power. Sometimes i felt it's too much, i had to turn down my esc a little to fit my driving, and the power is continuous doesn't faded out during the race!
Last weekend I had a chance to go the ROAR Nats. 
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Posted in New Release By Flora

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