You are welcome to come to Tianjin, to participate in the 2018 world intelligence congress (WIC) drone racing. This competition will uphold the principle of equality and justice, providing a comfortable and joyful environment for each contestant. Here are some details about the drone racing:

1.Tournament arrangement

2. Field design

3. Competition rules

3.1 Project introduction
3.2 Technical requirement
3.3 Competition rules

The Details of 2018 World Intelligence Congress Drone Racing

1.Tournament arrangement

517 racing Tournament arrangement

 Tournament arrangement

 2.Field design 

This competition is indoor competition. The area of the track is 600 square meters. The latest track design is used to add more three-dimensional elements and three-dimensional structures. The track adopts environmentally friendly safety material for competition, creating high-quality entry conditions for the competitors.

 outdoor venue

                                                   outdoor venue

 competition area

                                                 competition area

track details


3.Competition rules

3.1 Project introduction

The pilot uses the first angle of view to fly by wearing glasses or screens, and uses radio remote control equipment to control the aircraft, and runs through the track obstacles according to the prescribed routes, and carries out competitive sports.

3.2 Technical requirement

A   Aerocraft

(1)Model : with power as the power, the shaft number of the rotor is not less than (2)Weight: the take-off weight is not more than 1500g.
(3)Battery : the voltage is not more than 17V, and the total amount of electricity is not more than 30Wh.
(4) Wheelbase and size : the wheelbase 210-250mm, the propeller diameter not more
than 6inch (15.24cm), the total height (including the antenna) not more than 180mm.
(5)Auxiliary processor : unlimited, flight control and rc controller can not be allow configured to record and replay function for joystick manipulation.

(6)Indicator : the tail of the aircraft should be installed in the length of less than 10cm, and the brightness must be guaranteed in the daytime sunlight to identify the color, the 4 color adjustable LED indicator. The LED light should not be flickering at any time. The definition of the specific color is as shown in the following figure.

led indicator

(7)Safety device : the aircraft must set a locking method so that it will not be started because of any interference or accidental operation. The unlocking setting can be performed by the sequence action of a specific switch or lever on the transmitter, such as push it down, and right your throttle to unlock.

B Timing system

The Organizing Committee of the tournament unify the labeling of the timing system.

(1)Main timing system : infrared system or RFID system,
(2)Alternative timing system : timing system on multi channel switching timing.

C Matches the specified image transmission
(1)The game is unified using Team BlackSHEEP map, and the match scene is set up.
(2)Image transmission receiver : MasterPilot graph transmission receiver.

D Rc controller
Telecontrol frequency band : 2.4GHz or 845MHz, frequency hopping.

E Power Supply
(1)China's civil voltage standard is 220V, 50HZ, power sockets are two and three two.
(2)The maintenance area provides power and socket, and the contestant's self charging line, transformer and plug adapter are required.

F Lithium battery information

The organizing committee is not responsible for arranging all relevant matters for the transport of lithium batteries. Please be sure that CAAC has relevant regulations on passengers carrying lithium battery products.

3.3 Competition rules

(1)In the first angle of view, each player will not play more than 2 players in each round. He can be a pilot or a mechanic and assistant.
(2)The competition is flying in the first perspective. Each team has no more than 2 players in each round of the competition. It can be a pilot or a mechanic, assistant and so on.

(3)Before the match, the Organizing Committee of the competition shall inspect the equipment (including the aircraft, the remote control, etc.), and then issue the time system label and the naming equipment after being qualified.
(4)The timing system label should be installed at the bottom of the aircraft. The label does not require an external power supply or additional devices.

(5)After the installation is completed, the equipment must be submitted to the Organizing Committee for safekeeping. Before each round of competition, the staff will deliver the equipment to the contestant. After each round of competition, the players shall turn off the equipment for the competition and submit them to the organizing committee. After the end of the match, the organizing committee will return all the equipment to the competition.

(6)Each competitor can have multiple sets of spare equipment that meet the requirements of the competition (no need to be kept by the team members). If necessary, we should apply to the referee after the end of the tournament.
(7)20 minutes before game three start, the contestants shall be arranged in accordance
with the competition schedule, to check location on time, orderly competition. The referee in three less than, as voluntarily give up the game.

(8)After inspection of the admission named, directed by the referee unified admission.
(9)In the competition, each number has a referee, which is responsible for judging and informing the player of the number or not to complete the competition or foul according to the rules.
(10)The use of metal propellers is prohibited in the competition.
(11)The equipment used in the competition is prepared by the competitors and is
responsible for the safety of the equipment.

Name: 2018 World intelligence congress drone racing 
Place: No. 5 Drone race speed center of Binhong Pioneer Park, Sino-singapore eco-city, Tianjin 
Date: 17-18 May 2018