Are you waiting for a black Friday sale for a long time? This black Friday really has a big sale, up to 50%off. No matter what batteries you are looking for, this black Friday we are just trying to get you covered. From flying to driving. We have listed some deals for you as follows:

black friday 2018

220 1s 40%off is great for eflite micro plane, tiny whoop, 65mm micro drone
450mah 3s 75C 25%off   
450mah 4s 75C 30%off
650mah 2s 3s 75C 30%off 
850 4s 75C 30%off
1050 4s 75C 50%off
1300 4S 75C 20%off
1550 4S 75C 20%off
R-line 1300 4S 95c 25%off
R-line 1550 4S 95c 25%off
1800 4s 75c 20%off

for Airplane and Heli
450 2s 3s 25%off
gens ace 800 3s 25%off  this battery great for 200, 250 heli and 800 warbirds
5000 6s 45C 20%off
5500 6s 45c 20%off

For RC truck, on Road Cars
4600 2s2p shorty 20%off for TLR22 etc
5000 2s 100c 59# shorty 30%off
5000 2s 10# 24# 20%off for 1:10 on road racing 
5000 3s 15# 20%off
6750 4s 100C 20%off for X-maxx 8s etc
B-100C-7500-2S1P-HC-47-HV-RS 25%off

UAV Batteries are most of 10% off
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Date: from 23, Nov to 26th, Nov