Marc Fischer presented a new battery of Gens ace on the first Saturday of October in the Erftarena in Erftstadt during an extensive training session. Special feature is the use of high-voltage cells. This type can withstand a higher voltage than the normal LiPo cells. The HV cells can be charged with up to 4.25V (2S battery = 8.7V) instead of 4.2V (2S battery = 8.4V). As a result, more power is available right from the start.

 6000mah 100C

The new Gens ace 6000 RS HV LCG batteries are flatter and lighter. This reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle. LCG stands for Low Center of Gravity and is called low center of gravity. While the normal Lipo Hardcase is 25 millimeters thick, the LCG battery measures only 22.38 millimeters. Its weight is about 40 grams less.

Who drives faster than Marc Fischer

 6000mah 100c

Marc Fischer and Markus Knott, owners of the Racers Paradise and the Erftarena, had come up with something special for the presentation. In the morning, Marc Fischer had a lap time of 10.49 seconds with a TT-01 and a rifle motor. Everyone who beat this time was allowed to own a Gens ace battery. At the end, three drivers received a prize. They had not driven faster than Marc Fischer, but had come closest to his time.

The new battery is available from the end of October.