6000mah HV battery

Gens Ace have introduced their updated RS LiHV battery range for 1/10th and 1/8th competition applications. Made for the ever growing Stock classes is a 7500mAh LiHV pack of standard 25mm height and with a weight of 310g. It is complemented by a 6000mAh LCG battery of 22.5mm height and a weight of 265g. The 6000mAh variant comes in the new 47-series hardcase while the 7500mAh battery is wrapped by the 49-series case, both of which utilise 5mm bullet-type connectors and high-performance 100C cells.

gens ace 5000mah


Next up are a 5500mAh Stock shorty and a 5000mAh Modified class shorty battery, both are built using high-quality 100C LiHV cells and standard 96x47x25mm cases. The 5000mAh battery however uses 5mm connectors while the 5500mAh pack sports smaller 4mm connector tubes. Last but not least comes a dedicated 4S 1/8th class battery with 6750mAh capacity. The LiHV pack is built using high-quality cells, it utilises 5mm tube-type connectors and weighs in at 584g. All batteries are EFRA legal and will hit stores from March.

gens ace 6750 4s

source from: http://www.redrc.net/2018/01/gens-ace-2018-rs-lihv-battery-range/