LiPo has a very specific charging method. Most of the time the battery pack has cells connected in a series and in that case, a special charger is required that can monitor the charge on each individual cell so that no one cell has a bigger charge than the other ones. If there is a cell that was overcharged, there can be some severe consequences on the battery life and the device it was connected with. The overcharging will cause the battery cells to expand at a rapid rate, and delamination will affect the battery health. As an outcome, there will be bad interaction inside the cell and the life of the cell will decrease. They have a limited lifespan of the battery, LiPo only has about 300-400 cycles of discharging. You will need to swap your LiPo batteries before their competitions give out.

Some good care tips and maintenance methods can protect the batteries from depression and further additional detritions. Charging NiMH batteries are only charged appropriately on a charger that is precisely designed for NiMH. NiCD only chargers will not charge NiMH batteries correctly and will reduce the output of the product. One hour is a safe time period for charging your battery, which means a 2000Mah battery, can be charged at a maximum ratio of 2000Mah or 2Amps. They cost efficient when compared to LiPo, the batteries have a long life of about 500-1000 charges or 2-3 years and not as likely to catch fire if punctured like their comparator in LiPo verses NiMH. Trickle charging them is a modest job, and there is little danger of overcharging.


NiMH chargers come in two focally different styles from which, the popular type is the Trickle Charge, it is a low output which doesn’t halt or cut off when the battery is full but it’s just a low output it is not ample current to do any damage to the battery, although but is still extremely commended to disconnect once the battery is charged. The charging time can be easily calculated, by dividing the output Mah from the charger with the Mah capacity of the battery. Trickle Charger usually generates 500Mah and the battery is 2000Mah, therefore 4 hours for a fully charged battery is enough. The other category of NiMH charger is called “Delta Peak”. Charging a NiMH battery with this technique the charger knows when the battery is full and can discontinue charging, hence saving the overcharging issue.