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The new RS SERIES provides more punch and more consistent throttle feel on the track.
Using standard sized case. These RS batteries allows you to fit them in a plethora of different bash oriented vehicles.

The Gens ace RS batteries put out great power, have solid runtime, and they put up with abuses without venting internally or dying.
If you are in the market for a great quality, yet affordable, the RS batteries are well worth your time to try out.

The RS batteries are all comes with High Voltage feature. From a dead stop, these RS batteries can provide some pretty spectacular torque and it kept on pulling like a beast until the motor ran out of gearing.

Gens ace RS Batteries C-Rate


Normal Car Batteries C-Rate


Light Weight

Unleash the best performance

RS batteries are born to race. Coming in a light weight body which allows your vehicle to run
in the fastest speed it can.

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