Vote for the most charming TATTU PILOTs – 2022

Vote for the most charming TATTU PILOTs - 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, looking back on this year, TATTU‘s figure has accompanied all pilots and enthusiasts to complete various competitions, work and leisure activities. We are proud to deliver power to our energetic pilots, and the unity of goal allows us to work closely together, all working hard in our professional fields to ensure that each mission is completed perfectly.

Vote Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tattufpv/posts/1212293046023882 

2022 TATTU Main Event Review.

20220501 Multigp Ice Storm - Tattu Pilot Team
Multigp Ice Storm


20220608-0612 Multigp IO - Tattu Pilot Team
Multigp IO


AI Drone from the UZH VS Human Challenge, details are here - gensace
University of Zurich AI Drone vs Human Challenge


FAI Paris World Cup - Tattu Pilot Team
FAI Paris World Cup


The World Games 2022 Birmingham
The World Games 2022 Birmingham


Korea FAI World Cup - Tattu Pilot Team
Korea FAI World Cup


MissionFoods Australian Drone Nationals - Tattu Pilot Team
MissionFoods Australian Drone Nationals


World Drone Cup - Tattu Pilot Team
World Drone Cup


Japan Drone League - Tattu Pilot Team
Japan Drone League


Navy Race Belgium - Tattu Pilot Team
Navy Race Belgium


Multigp Championship - Tattu Pilot Team
Multigp Championship

Working Hard, Fighting and Professional were the keywords this year and TATTU is deeply proud of the team of pilots. So we are planning a festive event where everyone can vote for the most charming pilot on their own, and the three winners with the highest number of votes will be awarded a mystery gift prepared by TATTU. Of course, fans who vote will also have the chance to win an extra gift!

The voting period is from December 15th to 22nd, the platform is TATTU’s Facebook Group, and the result will be announced on the 23rd. Come and pick the NO.1 of your choice! The pilots are worth the effort to canvass!

Looking forward to the final result!