Tattu Releases New Dual Channel Smart Chargers: TA7200 and TA9000PRO

Tattu Releases New Dual Channel Smart Chargers: TA7200 and TA9000PRO

As unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/Drone/eVTOL technology becomes increasingly essential across various industries, efficient battery management and fast charging are crucial for ensuring operational efficiency and productivity. In response, Tattu has introduced two new dual channel smart chargers – the TA7200 and TA9000PRO, designed specifically for industrial drone batteries, offering high power and intelligent management for a safe, efficient charging solution.

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Product Overview

The TA7200 and TA9000PRO chargers are compatible with 12~14S and 12~18S 4.2V and 4.35V smart batteries, delivering an output current of up to 120A. This capability significantly reduces charging times for large-capacity batteries, thereby enhancing operational efficiency during UAV missions.

These chargers feature automatic recognition of TATTU smart battery information, supporting plug-and-play functionality without the need for manual parameter settings. This design greatly simplifies the operation process, especially in high-intensity scenarios where frequent battery changes are required. During charging, the TA7200 and TA9000PRO continuously monitor the battery’s status to ensure safety and efficiency, automatically stopping once the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging.

Safety Features

Both chargers are equipped with comprehensive safety protections, including over-temperature, over-current, overcharge, and disconnection safeguards, ensuring the safety of the charging process. These features help prevent battery damage and safety incidents due to improper charging, providing reliable protection for industrial users.

Product Highlights

  • High Power, Fast Charging: Greatly reduces charging time, enhancing UAV operational efficiency.
  • Plug and Play, Professional Matching: Automatically identifies battery type and status, setting optimal charging parameters to simplify operations.
  • Intelligent Management, Real-time Monitoring: Continuously monitors battery status during charging to ensure safety and battery life.
  • Comprehensive Protection, Ultimate Convenience: Includes multiple safety features such as over-temperature, over-current, overcharge, and disconnection for safer and more reliable use.

Product Showcase

Tattu TA7200 Charger - Drone
TA7200 Dual Channel Smart Charger: Recommended for use with TATTU 4.0 14S Smart Battery.
TA9000PRO Dual Channel Smart Charger: Recommended for use with TATTU 18S Smart Battery.
TA9000PRO Dual Channel Smart Charger: Recommended for use with TATTU 18S Smart Battery.


The chargers are ideally suited for industrial UAV/drones, particularly in agriculture where the frequency of use for agricultural spraying drones is increasing. The high charging efficiency of the TA7200 and TA9000PRO ensures that drone batteries are quickly recharged, maintaining continuous and efficient operation of agricultural spraying drones, thereby significantly improving agricultural productivity and management efficiency.

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