Black Friday Hot Deal and Celebrate EU Company’s 11th – Anniversary in November

Black Friday Hot Deal and Celebrate EU Company’s 11th - Anniversary in November

Gens ace and Tattu Europe Company has been established for 11 years! After 11 years of roots and growth, it is impossible to do without recognition and support from all our fans.

To give back to our customers and the upcoming Black Friday, we have prepared special discounts – 11% OFF on products and 20% OFF on particular products (except industry UAV products), which is the best deal of the year, so get your hobby well-powered!

The campaign will be available from November 24th to 29th, 2022 (GMT+1 time zone, Berlin time). Keep the campaign in mind, feel free to click on the EU official website to check out the deals and stay at home waiting for your package!

Offer Highlights:

1. 20% OFF for particular products

2. 11% OFF for all other products

3. Additional coupons

  • Blackfriday15: €15 off orders over €159
  • Blackfriday30: €30 off orders over €299

4. Newest product participation activities

Note: click the words to see the series’ detailed information.

Hot Picks:

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Over the past 11 years, we have always put our customers and products first, settling in the RC car, aircraft, FPV, airsoft, and drone industry, and bringing the profession and advantages of our own R&D Lipo batteries to this field. It’s not only 11 years, it’s forever.

The great optional products listed on the EU website, including various parameters, chargers, accessories, etc., provide you with the most convenient handling.

Shop till you drop! Campaign Page: https://www.gensace.de/lipo-battery-black-friday-deal

If you are located in the United States, please click on the US official web at https://genstattu.com/.