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What is fast charging? NMC 532 Battery | Battery Monday

What is fast charging gens ace

The topic from Battery Monday Channel today is the fast charge / high speed charge.

Nowadays, everyone has a basic idea of what fast charging is, which usually consists of fast charging your mobile phone. The general idea is correct, but, believe it or not, that’s a vague explanation when fast charging is actually a complex term that summarizes the basic principle and multiple layers of functionality to fast charging. So, let’s take this one step at a time.

Basic Components of Charging

Before describing the principle of fast charging, let’s introduce a few key data points.

The basic components behind charging are AmpsVoltage and Wattage. Amperage (or current) is the amount of electricity flowing to the battery, known as the current. Voltage is the speed or strength of the current. Wattage is the amperage multiplied by the voltage. Compare charging to adding water into a tank, the cable is the water pipe, the current is the width of the pipe, the voltage is the water pressure, and the wattage is the amount of water being displaced into the tank. To store water faster inside the tank, either increase the width of the pipe or increase the water pressure.

Basic Components of Charging gensace tattu battery

Charging State

Charging takes place in three stages. Precharge ModeConstant CurrentConstant Voltage.

Pre Charge Mode

In the first stage, the pre-charge mode inserts a small voltage and amperage to ensure that the battery is reacting properly and the cells are working as they should.

Constant Current

Once the battery has reached an acceptable internal temperature and voltage, the constant current mode will engage and the battery will enter the absorption stage and will charge the majority of its capacity during this phase. The battery is offered a constant amperage and as the internal resistance starts building up, a higher voltage is introduced to ensure that the battery is being charged.

Constant Voltage

The last stage of charging is the constant voltage stage. When the charger notices that the battery or cells’ voltages reach its maximum voltage, the charger will hold the voltage at the maximum voltage and will no longer adjust to ensure that the battery does not overcharge. The current will become smaller and smaller, and when it is less than 100mA, it will judge that the battery is full and then cut off the charging.

battery charging state gensace

This is why you may notice that it only takes half an hour to recharge your device from 10% to 80% although the charge from 80% to full will take just as long.

NMC 532 Fast Charge Battery

Before fast charging, you need to make sure that the device, battery, charger, and wires have standards that are compatible with this function.

The material of the cell is also important for fast charging. The positive electrode, the negative electrode, the diaphragm, and the electrolyte of the cell all need a certain fit to have a higher electrical conductivity. NMC 532 is the most suitable fast charging battery, it is the cathode is combined with nickelmanganese and cobalt in the ratio of 5:3:2, with high thermal stability, high safety, and has the ability of ultra-fast charging up to 5C.

NMC 532 fast charge lipo battery

This is a more efficient source of energy for consumer electronics, UAV/drones, etc. The NMC 532 Fast Charge Battery increases charging speed by 60%, which is very beneficial for applications such as agricultural spraying drones (plant protection drones) and mapping UAV (eVTOL) that have limited working hours.


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