Tattu Statement On Military Use Of Products

Tattu Battery

As a professional lithium battery manufacturer specializing in drone-specific batteries, we, Tattu are committed to advancing technology for the betterment of society. Our products are designed with a focus on civilian applications, including agriculture, surveillance, photography, and recreational use.

We hereby declare that we are firmly opposed to the use of our batteries, technology, and any other products for military or war-related purposes. Our commitment to peace and ethical standards is unwavering, and we do not support the use of our products in armed conflict or any military operations.

We urge all our customers, partners, and stakeholders to respect and adhere to this principle. We will continue to monitor the use of our products and take appropriate actions to ensure that they are not utilized in ways that contradict our values.

At Tattu, we remain dedicated to promoting the peaceful and constructive use of technology. We believe in the power of innovation to bring positive change to the world and are committed to ensuring that our products are used in a manner that aligns with this belief.