Top 22 companies in China’s UAV Drone industry – Part 2

gens ace-Top 22 companies in China's UAV Drone industry - Part 2

In the last article, we introduced 10 companies in the drone/UAV industry, so next, we will introduce you to the other 12 companies.

Top 22 companies in China’s UAV Drone industry – Part 1


Applications: Agriculture, firefighting, infrastructure management, aerial survey, public safety

Product Highlights: Tianyan Voyager 4, Vitus (compact drone), Rodeo 110, Furious 215 (racer drone), ZHUN (firefighting)

Walkera is an RC helicopter manufacturer founded in 1994 and has offices in the US and Europe. The company is now turning primarily to the UAV business, starting with micro air vehicles (MAVs) or mini drones. Developed for commercial and consumer use, its mini-drones are now being used by military and law enforcement agencies as training for operating larger drones. Walkera also has a firefighting drone called ZHUN and racing drones Rodeo 110 and Furious 215. the company claims to export to more than 100 countries and is highly focused on technology, with nearly half of its 500 employees dedicated to R&D.


Applications: Infrastructure management, environmental protection, public safety, logistics, passenger transportation, firefighting, disaster mitigation

Product Highlights: UAVs, operating systems, image processing software, remote control systems, field sensors

Founded in 2015, INNNO Technology describes itself as a Swiss Army knife that solves industry pain points, focusing on the development of industrial application drones. In the energy sector, the Xi’an-based INNNO drones replace workers inspecting power cables and towers. They have partnered with several energy companies in China and have listed pipeline inspections as a key application for their drone technology. The Xianyang city government contracted INNNO to use UV sensors on their drones to monitor pedestrian temperatures.

Jincheng Aviation

Applications: Public safety, military, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, infrastructure management, firefighting, aerial survey

Product Highlights: Unmanned firefighting helicopter

Jincheng Aviation is a high-tech drone company focused on high-capacity payloads. Its flagship drone model has an industry record of up to 500 kg and is already in use by fire departments and the military throughout China. Jincheng has an R&D center in Beijing with more than 100 senior technicians and professors, has established close partnerships with universities and research institutes, owns more than 20 drone models and more than 40 national patents.


Applications: Public safety, firefighting, environmental protection, disaster mitigation, infrastructure management, smart city management, aerial survey, entertainment

Product Highlights: Wearable technology (selfie drones, sports cameras)

Founded in 1999, AEE has positioned itself as the GoPro of drones. Headquartered in Shenzhen, with gadgets ranging from foldable selfie drones to body cameras (with extensive ties to law enforcement), AEE already has a significant international presence in the drone industry. AEE has eight sales centers around the world (Los Angeles, Munich, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei and Sichuan) and exports its products to more than 50 countries. Its products have been commonly sold to many global big brand supermarket chains in Europe, America, Australia, Japan, etc. Law enforcement products have been widely used in Europe, America and other national institutions.


Applications: Military, infrastructure management, public safety, smart city management

Product Highlights: Rotary and fixed-wing vertical takeoff and landing drones, operating systems, accessories (cameras, batteries, speakers, etc.), system solutions

Bitalltech is different from other companies that work to make drones fly and flying far away, while they work to shoot them down. Founded in 2016, Bitalltech is based in Beijing and specializes in drone defense systems. With advanced equipment such as electromagnetic monitors and data processors, their anti-drone equipment and system solutions are well advanced.

Micromulticopter Aviation (MMC)

Applications: Public safety, infrastructure management, disaster mitigation, smart city management, aerial survey

Product Highlights: Rotary and fixed-wing VTOL, operating systems, accessories (cameras, batteries, speakers, etc.), system solutions

MMC was founded in 2010 with the goal of becoming the premier drone company for industry solutions. The Shenzhen-based company has been a leader in developing international standards for drones.

MMC is a supplier of drones to the State Grid of China, firefighting agencies and Sinopec. selected as a “Future Star” by China Enterprise magazine and on the list of “China’s Potential Unicorns” in 2020. MMC has distributors in India, Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, North America and Russia.


Applications: Smart city management, infrastructure management, disaster mitigation, public safety, forestry

Product Highlights:  X-Chimera 25 UAV, Aoshi XC25 UAV

Founded in 2017, Aerofugia is a joint venture between Volvo and Terrafugia. This joint venture focuses on all civil aviation activities except transportation, such as industrial agriculture, forestry and fishing. The company wants to build drones with the widest range of applications.


Applications: Public safety, disaster mitigation, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection

Product Highlights: Three-axis photoelectric pods ( For extreme conditions of durable intelligent camera pods )

Founded in 2015, Zingto is a drone and technology company focused on industrial applications. The company produces different types of fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones. Its three-axis optronic pods are the most popular mobile vehicle cameras on the market. The company holds several patents and certifications, has partnered with several technical universities in China to advance drone development, and has established relations with the military and law enforcement.

Air Dwing

Applications: Public safety, firefighting, environmental protection, agriculture

Product Highlights: System solutions, integrated cloud management

Founded in 2015, Air Dwing’s technology revolves around drone software, with its most prominent platform being the cloud-based KiteBeam. Air Dwing’s systems integrate and process drone, air traffic and weather data for better route planning and data analysis. The company works with a number of drone companies, such as DJI. the goal is to provide more advanced drone management systems for government and industry.


Applications: Public safety, infrastructure management, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, military, aerial survey

Product Highlights: Unmanned Helicopter

Founded in 2015, Volitation’s business is drones for various industries. Founded by graduates of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the company has applied for 90 patents, of which 69 have been granted. Volitation product range covers the full range of drone types: unmanned helicopters, multi-rotor, fixed-wing and composite wing drones. The business mainly involves three components: aircraft design services, composite flight platform production and sales, and scientific research services.


Applications: Environmental protection, infrastructure management, fire emergency, smart city management

Product Highlights: Sensors and detectors

Founded in 2016, Soarability is a drone company focused on air pollution monitoring. Its flagship Sniffer4D v2 atmospheric monitoring system provides detailed air pollution data in key areas. Soarability was founded by a team with extensive experience in sensor and electromechanical system development. Its claims sensors have helped companies map pollution around factories; analyzing air composition around oil and gas wells for petrochemical companies to improve inspection and safety.

Yuanmu Holding

Application: Agriculture

Product Highlights: Agricultural spraying drones/plant protection drones

Founded in 2019, Yuanmu Holdings is a drone company that focuses on various agricultural applications. The Shenzhen-based company aims to create a holistic ecological platform for agribusiness. The company will continue to explore the intersection of drone innovation, artificial intelligence and agricultural empowerment and efficiency.

Drones are still in a stage of rapid development and it is exciting to see more and more teams getting involved in the industry, as well as bringing novel technologies and ideas. The increase in the size of the drone market has also increased competition in the industry, driven by various reasons and technology, the lack of sales channels for industrial development, low altitude airspace is not fully liberalized, short duration of lithium batteries and other issues are being accelerated to crack.

Taking energy as an example, UAS are increasingly turning to smart and easy to plug mode, and in response to the industry demand, high voltage, fast charging, high discharge rate and other characteristics of the battery came into being, and the endurance has also made great progress. It is worth mentioning that Grepow Battery ( Tattu & Gens ace) has delivered a 275 Wh/Kg high energy density battery – NMC 811 to the industry, solving another pain point there.

There are nine trends in the development of future UAVs: integration of inspection and defense, long duration, stealthy structure, micro miniaturization, high intelligence, comprehensive integration, use of synergy, operational networking, and serialization of equipment. Among them, long endurance UAVs, micro and small UAVs, combat UAVs and UAV clusters will be the key direction of development.