TITC 2024 Starts Soon | Redline 2.0 New Release

The Thailand International Touring Car Championship (TITC) is set to open its curtains, with RC racers from around the globe filled with anticipation and excitement. The event is scheduled from February 29 to March 3, 2024, at the renowned Infinity Addict Circuit, showcasing a spectacle of speed, precision, and technological innovation.

Gathering of Elites

International RC racers converge, bringing determination and team spirit. The lead-up to the race is tense yet fulfilling as participants meticulously study the track and fine-tune their vehicles for optimal performance. The atmosphere on the field is vibrant, highlighting the passion and dedication of this dynamic community.

Spotlight on Redline 2.0

At the event, the Gens ace brand new Redline 2.0 series batteries frequently capture the attention of enthusiastic racers.

The Redline 2.0 batteries dazzle the crowd with their exceptional features. Boasting an astonishing 140C burst current capability, they ensure unparalleled power release. Compared to their predecessors, Redline 1.0, they offer extended run times, allowing you to race freely without the worry of power shortage. Moreover, their low internal resistance design guarantees efficient and stable power transmission, giving you a competitive edge in intense races. Redline 2.0, with its renewed drive, offers a perfect blend of speed and passion!

Overview of TITC Racing Categories

TITC is renowned for its inclusivity and diversity, offering multiple categories to cater to different skill levels and preferences. This year’s competition includes the following classes:

  • Modified
  • Open Brushless
  • Non Boost
  • Porsche Thailand Cup (TT-02)
  • FWD Class

Each category presents its unique challenges and opportunities, providing a comprehensive test of skills, strategy, and technology. Let’s look forward to witnessing this thrilling competitive feast.