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The 2022 Gens ace & Tattu Battery Brochure is online

As battery choices and specifications become more varied, Gens ace and Tattu‘s team built the 2022 Battery Brochure, which contains detailed specifications and application categories for all batteries and series. We keep the manual updated on a regular cycle to ensure that you always have access to the latest information on new battery packs, and battery generations of Gens ace and Tattu.

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tattu rline lipo battery for fpv
Tattu R-Line Lipo Battery Series

Brand classification

Gens ace, Tattu

Series Classification

  1. Tattu series, Tattu FunFly, Tattu R-Line (Version 1.0, Version 3.0, Version 4.0), Tattu UAV Series
  2. Gens ace Soaring, Gens ace Flight, Gens ace Bashing, Gens ace Redline, Gens ace Car, Gens ace Airsoft, Charger

Application classification

FPV, UAV/Drone, Car, Helicopter, Airsoft

Compatible models, etc.

gens ace bashing battery for rc car
Gens ace Bashing Battery Series
gens ace battery for heli flight
Gens ace Flight Battery Series

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