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Tattu won the 2023 Drone China Low-Altitude Economy Benchmarking Enterprise

Tattu won the 2023 Drone China Low-Altitude Economy Benchmarking Enterprise

On January 7th, the “2024 National UAV and Unmanned Systems Industry Spring Festival Gathering and the Ninth UAV Hundred People Meeting” successfully concluded at Window of the World, Shenzhen. The event saw the gathering of nearly a thousand industry experts and drone entrepreneurs to discuss new strategies for the growth of the low-altitude economy and explore new trends in drone development.Tattu won the award

Tattu Brand (parent company: Grepow Battery) was honored with the prestigious title of “2023 Drone China Low-Altitude Economy Benchmarking Enterprise” for its outstanding performance and profound contribution to the drone industry. The company’s Deputy General Manager, Boboy Chen, received the “2023 China UAV Leading Individual” award. These accolades represent a strong affirmation and encouragement for Grepow/Tattu Battery’s continuous leadership in the industry.

Tattu join the drone congress 2024

Yang Jincan, President of the Shenzhen Drone Industry Association, delivered a speech at the event, highlighting that in 2023, the national drone output value reached 152 billion RMB, showing a rapid development momentum. Drones, as an integral part of the low-altitude economy, have wide applications in smart cities, logistics, emergency rescue, aerial surveying, environmental protection, and many other fields, providing substantial development opportunities for the industry. The trend towards eVTOL as an intercity and urban air travel mode is inevitable. The integration of manned and unmanned aircraft in low-altitude airspace is underway, with drones dominating in terms of both quantity and output value now.

2024 drone world congress - Tattu

2024 drone world congress - Tattu

Following the Central Economic Work Conference’s inclusion of the low-altitude economy in strategic emerging industries, further development is anticipated in low-altitude intelligent manufacturing, innovative applications, and flight service industries. After more than a decade of effort, the drone industry has achieved a breakthrough from zero to a hundred billion RMB, and it is expected to reach approximately 4 trillion RMB by 2040.

Tattu 4.0 Smart Battery for Drone

Tattu Battery and Charger

Over the past year, Tattu Battery has continued to innovate and iterate its products, leading to numerous achievements and adding luster to the “2023 Drone China Low-Altitude Economy Benchmarking Enterprise” award. The Tattu 4.0 Battery Series, specifically designed for agricultural spraying drones, features an innovative high-rate formula, supporting up to 5C fast charging and 9C continuous discharge. Its integrated shell design offers excellent waterproofing, dustproofing, insulation, and heat dissipation, ensuring stable drone operation in high-temperature environments. The TA9000 Pro dual-channel smart charger for agricultural spraying drones supports a maximum charging power of 9000W and an output current of 120A. It is compatible with 12 to 18S smart batteries and meets the high-efficiency charging demands during busy operations. The industry’s drone battery solutions are continuously upgraded and optimized, providing longer endurance and higher-quality power sources.

2024 National UAV and Unmanned Systems Industry Spring Festival Gathering and the Ninth UAV Hundred People Meeting

Riding the waves of the era, Tattu Battery steadfastly adheres to technology leadership and independent research and development. With a solid professional foundation, an advanced product line, and innovative application scenarios, Tattu Battery is deeply engaged in the low-altitude field, contributing its due technological strength to constructing the low-altitude economy.

Tattu Drone/UAV Battery: https://www.gensace.de/uav-lipo

Tattu Charger: https://www.gensace.de/charger