Tattu Battery will meet you at the 2022 Commercial UAV EXPO

Tattu Battery would like to sincerely invite you to attend the Commercial UAV EXPO 2022!

Time: September 6-8, 2022

Booth: 107

Location: Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.

Products: Self-developed BMS board upgraded version, Smart Drone Battery (Tattu 3.0, Tattu Pro, Tattu Plus), Battery Charger.

Tattu Battery join the 2022 commercial uav expo

Commercial UAV Expo is the leading international trade show and educational conference for professionals integrating and operating UAVs/UAS. Each year, thousands of end users, hardware manufacturers, software developers, service providers, and innovators convene in Las Vegas for the leading event for the commercial drone industry.

Tattu Team is looking forward to meeting and communicating with you at this great event. Below we will introduce you to our key products that will be exhibited at the show.

With continuous R&D and investment, our BMS board has been upgraded! Capable of providing smarter and more precise data analysis and protection functions.

Tattu Smart Battery BMS Features

1. Protections that limit damage to the batteries

  • Overcurrent protection
  • Over and under voltage protection
  • Over and under temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection

2. Cell balance: the cell balancing will be triggered when the cell voltage is greater than 3.95V, cell voltage difference is greater than 40mV and it’s been stored for 6 hours.

3. Storage mode: self-discharge to the storage voltage of 3.92V when the cell voltage is greater than 3.95V and the batteries haven’t been used for 5 days.

4. Ability to bypass all protections that affect critical flight operation.

5. DroneCAN communication to get real-time battery data.

6. Bluetooth Android app or PC app interface to get battery information, history log, or firmware upgrade.

7. Available configurations: 6S-18S LiPO/LiHV

Tattu Drone Smart Battery with BMS

Smart Drone Battery

1. 3C fast charging

2. Plug-and-play connection

3. SOC indicator

4. Abnormal warning

5. CANbus interface

6. History log

TA3000 Charger

This is a dual-channel intelligent multi-function charger with charging, fast charging, maintenance, storage, and discharging functions. It automatically recognizes the parameters of the connected battery and can perform charging and discharging functions without manually setting it. It has functions such as over-temperature protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, disconnection protection, and fast balancing.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions about the industry, please feel free to visit the Tattu booth for guidance and communication.

The countdown is on, see you next week!

Tattu EU Official Web: https://www.gensace.de/