Result Announcement: Tattu Most Charming Top Three Pilots

Tattu Top Three Charming Pilot

After a week of voting, the results of the Most Charming Pilots Awards are in and were announced during Tattu’s Christmas Live, congratulations to the top three, your charming characteristics have infected us!

The list:

  1. Stéphane Couchoud
  2. Killian Rousseau
  3. YoSoy LaBeb

Not only would we like to thank these three charming pilots, but Tattu would also like to express our gratitude to every member of the pilot team, we met and got to know each other in this big family. Thank you all for your efforts in 2022 and for your contribution to the FPV community, both in terms of competition, work, tasks and so forth.

Thanks to each fan for voting and picking the most charming candidate of their own, the pilots may well have inspired many FPV lovers, and it is FPV that brings us together.

Let’s join hands to welcome the upcoming 2023, create new achievements together, and unfold a bright future.

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