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High Capacity Drone Smart Battery – Tattu Plus Series

With every “thing” around us getting smart, why not batteries? Smart battery line is designed especially for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that have multiple applications in various industries.

What is a Smart Battery?

Smart batteries are the batteries packs that have a rechargeable battery pack with a Battery Management System (BMS). It has wide application in UAVs such as surveillance drones, agricultural spraying drones, mapping drones.

Internally the smart batteries are connected to Battery Management System via two terminals that help control the voltage and current supply needed to operate the device. These terminals also reduce the voltage and current passing during the charging by adjusting to the value they need.

Tattu Plus Series

Tattu Plus 6s 12s smart uav battery with high capacity

Tattu Plus is the smart Lipo battery pack that is designed especially for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The Tattu smart battery is the one you must have. It offers higher performance, an advanced Battery Management System(BMS), a low-power microcontroller unit (MCU).

A battery indicator that is easy to understand and decrypt the battery status. There are multiple features adapted to protect the battery thereby, making it a better experience.

They suit the 6S or 12S power system, and the battery supports SMBUS and UAVCAN protocol. The battery pack has a battery indicator in it that accurately indicates the status of the battery.

Specification of Tattu Plus

They can be useful in a series of 6S and 12s power systems. 

For 6S power systems

There are 3 types of battery packs combined by 6 cells with 22.2V and capacities of 10,000mah, 16,000mah and 22,000mah respectively, with optional C-rates of 15C and 25C. The following table shows more parameters for you.

Tattu Plus 6S Lipo battery pack for drone

For 12S power systems

The 12S battery is also available in 3 models, all with the voltage of 44.4V, including a reduced weight version with smaller size and lighter weight for the same capacity, which allows more space for your drone. Power consumption ranges from 710.4Wh to 976.8Wh depending on the model. Specific parameters are listed below.

Tattu Plus 12S UAV smart battery

Features of Tattu Plus

  1. Structure Design: The battery design is compact thereby, reducing the storage space it requires. Flexible to implant in smaller spaces. 
  2. Lightweight: The battery is lightweight from a minimum weight of 1357 grams approximately, 1.4 kgs. The batteries are waterproof, making them perfect for installing in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that are useful in various applications.
  3. Capacity: They offer a high capacity from 10,000mah to 22,000mah. With a high energy density, providing your drone with longer flight time, reducing the amount of time you have to stop working, is your work more smooth and safe. Hence, this adds up to the battery life.

Structure of Tattu Plus

  1. Shockproof: Tattu Plus batteries are shockproof. They can resist external shocks due to environmental disturbances. Shock absorption devices are placed between the cells and the box of the battery and between the cells. This mechanism reduces the effect of the shock and keeps the battery from possible fire or damage.
  2. Dustproof and Waterproof: Ingress Protection (IP) is a term that defines the dust and water resistance of a device. They keep the batteries from getting in contact with dust or moisture to operate in extreme environments without casualties. Especially when spraying pesticides, it can prevent chemicals from entering inside the battery and protect the safety and stability of the cells pack.
  3. Heat dissipation: As the batteries are packed inside the device. They get heated due to the internal process as it generates heat. Heat dissipation is necessary to avoid any harm due to the heating of the battery.
  4. Connector types: The Tattu smart battery supports connection to various connectors making it more flexible to use. The connectors supported are XT90-S, AS150, XT150, TA1200, AS150U-F, XT60, EC5, XT90I, ANDERSON175, 3.0, QS8.


  • High precision LED battery indicator
  • Temperature management
  • Charging and discharging indicator, which warns when overcharged or over-discharged
  • Regulates the flow of current and voltage
  • Smart Self-balance
  • It supports the UAVCAN protocol

BMS smart UAV battery from TATTU Grepow

Applications of Tattu Plus

The battery has wide application in the field where intelligent management of the device is needed. Due to their lightweight, compact structure, high capacity, and advanced BMS, they have applications as UAV Smart Battery. 

They are in drones used for agriculture, mapping, inspection, survey, industrial patrol, forest fire fighting, cargo transport, and electronic Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL).

komodofpv and estefanom UAV used Tattu Plus batteryf
Pic from Komodofpv and Estefanomf

Our Services

Grepow is an advanced technology company producing rechargeable and smart Lithium Polymer, Ni-MH, and LiFeO4 batteries. Tattu is our sub-branch that specializes in Smart Drone Batteries.

We are known for our one-stop battery solutions. Our services include the structural design for batteries, production of various batteries like cell type, battery pack, custom BMS. We also have a service of customized batteries. In this, the battery is designed as per the requirement and specifications.

Our products have applications in great drone companies. Our batteries stand out in terms of functionality, services, and functions in competition. After all, we are one of the earliest battery production companies.  

If you need other sizes of smart batteries, please click on Drone Batteries, we also have Tattu Pro, Tattu 3.0 series for you to choose from. Or for more customization needs, feel free to contact us, we offer battery customs/OEM/ODM solutions, BMS matching and more battery packs such as high voltage and low temperature Lipos.

Tattu Plus will soon be available on our US and EU Shops…

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