2020 Gensace&Tattu Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale

2020 Black Friday is coming, are you looking forward to some discount on Gens ace batteries?

Here are some introduction for these Great festivals.

Gens ace Black Friday Sale Time:

Gens ace Black Friday & Cyber monday Sale from Nov 25 to 30.

What will you find at Gens ace EU online official shop on Black Friday?

1.Great Discount

TA-45C-220-1S1P-Molex-1 for your micro quad, 30% off

TA-RL-95C-650-3S1P for your FPV, 20% off

TA-RL-95C-1300-5S1P,  20% off

TA-RL-95C-4000-6S1P for X Class, 30% off

TA-30C-10000-6S1P-EC5, 10%off

B-50C-5000-3S1P-Bashing, 10%off

B-50C-5000-4S1P-Bashing-EC5, 10%off

B-50/100C-3000-2S1P-HC-58, 40%off

2.Buy more and save more also available

Save €10EUR Over €99.00+

Save €20EUR Over €199.00+

Save €25EUR Over €259.00+

3.Black Friday Contest combo on social

T motor + Tattu Rline batteries giveaway, Black friday super deal is on, The giveaway run from today to the 26th PST at 11:59 PM. Check the: Facebook Giveaway to enter this contest. 

Gens ace Black Friday promotion page here: https://www.gensace.de/blackfriday