Gensace.de Summer Mega Sale Will Start at May 12th

summer mega sale

How time flies!! Summer is coming, and since that europe reopening plan, how about stock some batteries prepare for your go-out flying? Gensace summer sale is right at corner, and this summer deal Gens ace will bring you some big surprise. Flash sale is avilable at this sale.

When summer sale and flash sale starts?

Both at May 12th. Flash sale start at Dublin time GMT+1 8am, May 12th,

How long will flash sale take?

flash sale will last 5 single day, and every day is different products.

Day 1: flash sale for mini fpv or micro drone batteries, for only 8 products , 24 hours

Day 2: flash sale for FPV battery, only 8 products, 24 hours

Day 3: flash sale for RC car batteries, only 8 products, 24 hours

Day 4: flash sale for airplane &heli batteries, 8 products, 24 hours

Day 5: UAV batteries in big flash sale, 8 products, 24 hours

Each product flash sale only in 24hours, so you can’t miss that.

Exclude the flash sale, what will you expect in this summer sale?

Gensace.de will also have a lot of products at discount, this will last longer time than flash sale.

There will be more FPV batteries, UAV, RC airplane and heli batteries, RC car batteries on sale.

follow at link here: https://www.gensace.de/summer-mega-sale.html