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Gens ace Advanced Series begins a new generation of RC smart battery

Gens ace advanced series rc smart battery

Gens ace Advanced series batteries are the next generation of RC batteries. The Advanced series design concept is based on being a more convenient, user friendly and safety oriented series of batteries. All Gens Ace Advanced series batteries are equipped with GREPOW factory made components. We produce the high quality LiHv cells (LiPo HV), hard-case, internal circuitry, power indicator lights and other smart features.

Gens ace advanced High Voltage Lipo Battery

Remember this Logo. Any Gens Ace battery bearing this Logo is HV or a high voltage pack. The Gens Ace Advanced series have this logo and are all HV packs. While a standard 4.2V per cell LiPo pack has a nominal voltage of 3.7V per cell, the 4.35V per cell HV LiPo pack has a nominal voltage of 3.8V per cell. This HV pack allows approximately a 10% higher energy density in the same size, weight and capacity as a standard LiPo pack.

gens ace advanced smart rc lipo battery pack with LED light

All Advanced series batteries are equipped with a 4 LED power indicator button. Each LED in the button represents 25% of the pack’s total charge level. This is a convenient, easy to use feature showing the remaining charge level of the pack with only a press of the button.

View details in the video.

Accidents happen. Sometimes due to user errors, sometimes due to charger failures. With the Gens Ace Advanced battery solution, we add an additional layer of protection for you. If the Advance battery internal circuit detects an overcharge condition it will cut the connection to the balance lead causing the charger to stop. When this happens the LED button light will flash red and warn that there is an overcharge condition. The LED will continue to flash until the battery voltage drops back down to normal. It is also possible to clear the overcharge condition manually by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds. Please note that it will not be possible to read the cell voltages via the balance lead until the overcharge condition is cleared manually or automatically.

When there is a large cell voltage difference the LED button will flash red and blue. If the pack voltage is too low the LED button will have a solid red light.

gens ace advanced self storage mode

Hey did you forget to put your battery into storage after the last weekend of fun before winter? Now it is spring and you found your battery is puffed? Well, worry no more. The Gens Ace Advanced series has a self storage feature. If after 5 days the internal circuit detects a charge level above 3.95V per cell the Advanced battery circuit will begin the self storage mode and stop when the storage level is achieved.

gens ace advanced series smart battery with hard case design

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