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Highly consistent and continuous power output
Discharge Curve
*There are about 523 voltage data per second. The chart takes the voltage to the nearest whole number of seconds. e.g. The voltage for the first second is the 1.001004766s of the actual flight time.
Few noticeable performance degradation after 10-15 cycles. @Remi Remco

RRemi Remco: Beter sag than v4 during the 3 lap, Internat résistance after 50 cycles better than v4.

NNiklas Solle: V5 recovers power a bit quicker.

DDarKex Killian Rousseau: The voltage drop IS still very good like 20.5 or 21v while i'm flying.

TTimofey Din Germanov: 5.0 is holding the voltage better for the first 60-70% of the battery capacity.

WWalter Kirsch: After 3, 5, 10 and even 20 full cycles nowI cannot tell a difference between a new v5 and a used one.

L Lukás Kosata: I am really impressed with the performance,there is almost no voltage sag.

TThomas Bitmatta: Its ~3% more speed per lap! anything 3% or higher is something that can be felt comfortably without data, its good!!

SSilas Aaron: Overall feels nicer and the power output feels very consistent thought out the whole pack even in the last 5 seconds or so of the flight.

TTerry Arscott: The biggest difference is how long it holds voltage for. I didnt feel a drop in power until the battery was almost dead.

AAlex Vanover: V5 is going welll I love the 1200 for freestylel It feels very consistent. I may want to switch to the 1200 6s for overall flying.

JJake Capobres: The 1200 is the best batteryI have flown.It had really good power for it's weight.It hold voltage very constant as well.

KKonstantin Sonnentag:The V5 are also better at keeping quality with increase of cycles.Like from the first 15-20 cycles I can say that there is almost no decreas in performance….When I was really pushing it droped to around 22v but then stayed there for 1:30minvery impressive.

AAlex Zamora: The batteries are inclemently good the power withstands it perfectly for a minute without stopping to give the drone gas.

SSilas Aaron:Very impressive considering the size and just like the1400 doesn't have a steep performance drop off at the end of the packs. By as most smaller 1100-1300mah batts really struggle in that area.

AAshton Gamble: I was amazed at how well the 1200 was able to flyl Because it’s so light, you are able to be at a considerably lower throttle and take turns SUPER tight.

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