Drone has gradually become a hot topic in the development of society. It is a hot topic for the media, the public and the people inside and outside the industry. From scientists, entrepreneurs to amateurs, more new uses of Drones are being explored and innovated. In the past few years, Drone competition has evolved from the development of the e-sports enthusiasts' aircraft model to the world recognized air movement. The international aeronautical association has also promoted and developed the Drone campaign in a sustainable way, and established the Aeronautical Model Committee. and there are more and more competitions about drone all over the world, especially in china. Nowadays, the 2018 world intelligence congress (WIC) drone racing will hold in Tianjin, a china city.  

drone racing

In the world's top 20 Drone enterprises in China accounted for half of the country, from the export side, China currently has more than 400 Drone manufacturer, supply Drone needs more than 80% of the global market, while Tianjin Drone industry also plays an important role in the development of the aviation industry.

Through hosting the 2018 WIC drone racing , Tianjin hopes to take advantage of this opportunity to integrate Tianjin's superior resources, through technology, innovation, design and other characteristics, hoping to attract more excellent athletes to come to training and compete. With the top of the competition resources as a platform to combine more resources to help the development of the drone industry. With the good economic level of Tianjin and the intensive innovation atmosphere of science and technology, under the guidance of the government, the drone industry will be accelerated to exchange and develop.

drone racing

This competition is indoor competition. The area of the track is 600 square meters.In the design of the track, the design of the main track of "high tech features" is the structure of the two layer cross crossing. The "technology, innovation, the future" and other elements are integrated into it, using lighting, sound, performance and drone competition. The service and security of the whole event (accommodation, transportation, medical care, security and so on) highlighted the high efficiency, pragmatism and innovation of Tianjin.

drone racing track

Name: 2018 World intelligence congress drone racing
Place: No. 5 Drone race speed center of Binhong Pioneer Park, Sino-singapore eco-city, Tianjin
Date: 17-18 May 2018