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best tiny whoop

Winter is coming now, do you ready to eat fly indoor Tiny whoop? Here is an overview of some of the best Tiny Whoops we have right now in the market. When talking about Tiny Whoops we generally mean those tiny little FPV drones that have ducts around the propellers. They are tons of fun to fly in the house especially on rainy days and winter.

The Types of Tiny Whoop

There are two major categories in tiny whoops.

Brushed or Brushless

“Brushed” and “Brushless” are the types of motors used in a quadcopter. As an over-simplified summary:

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dys x300

When I sketched up my article I wanted to introduce only 3 alternatives for the TinyWhoop but there are so many cool alternatives that couldn’t stop at this number. Recently it was announced even a brushless Whoop.

1. Blade Inductrix FPV aka Yellow Whoop

Certainly the Blade Inductrix FPV is one of the best alternative for the popular TinyWhoop. It is also called “the official Whoop”. BTW, I read somewhere that both drones are build on the same frame.

Thanks to the protective canopy, the Blade Inductrix has a more “finished” design as the TW.


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