gens ace 6000 2s

Back when NiMH and NiCad ruled the battery market, you knew what kind of cells you were buying. Sanyo and Panasonic were the two main cell manufacturers, and anyone selling batteries obtained them from those two sources. NiMH and NiCad had characteristics that you could use to your advantage or disadvantage, but you knew what you were getting.

LiPo batteries have changed the market, often for the better but sometimes, not so much. Their run time, power, and price have all been great for the hobby, but a drawback is that you don't know who made the cells inside that black case. This isn't necessarily terrible, but as a consumer, I'd like to know who makes what I'm buying- mostly because if the battery isn't good, I don't want to buy it again from a different company that has only rebranded it.

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