Hello guys! Today, we are going to be discussing a Portable Solar Power Station. We are going to dive into what is actually a portable solar power station, the advantages, and disadvantages of using a portable solar power station and the applications of it. First, Let's take a closer look at what is a portable solar power station is.

What is a portable solar power station?

It is a piece of tool which serves as a power bank to recharge any of your electrical equipment like laptops, phones or your wireless headset. Basically, it harnesses the sunlight which has an abundant amount of photons to convert it to useful electrical energy in the form of AC current. Usually, typical solar power stations do have an inverter to change the DC current to an AC current which can be used by your electronic devices.
The portable solar power station is also a type of helpful equipment which is actually compact, easy to use and has high efficiency in storing electrical energy inside it. It's highly portable so you can basically just bring it anywhere you want for a variety of reasons. The design of the portable solar power stations is usually lightweight which means that it's much lighter and bearable for you to carry around by yourself without having too much fatigue.
So you may just assume that a solar power station is a combination of three different types of equipment that you may have already used in the past. The portable solar power station may have three different functions as well. The first function of the portable solar power station is that it acts as a solar panel which traps the photons in sunlight and converts it to electrical energy. The second function of the portable solar power station is that it acts as a power bank that stores the electrical energy inside it in a form of instantaneous electricity which is ready to be used for charging your electrical devices. The third function of the portable solar power station is to change the DC current into an AC current by using the inverter that is already built-in with the portable solar power station.

Pros and Cons of a Solar Power Station

1. High Portability
You can literally just bring it anywhere with you as it is highly portable and it's being designed in such a way that it is lightweight. So you don't actually have to worry about the weight of the portable solar power station anymore. You can bring it anywhere and place it anywhere that you would like to. You may bring it to your fishing activity, hunting activity or during your outdoor camping activities with your families and friends.
2. Free of Pollutions
The solar power stations are absolutely free of any kind of pollutions and are highly eco-friendly. Consequently, the portable solar power stations will not produce any poisonous gas that is very harmful not just to humans but for the entire animal species in the ecosystem as well. This unique piece of equipment will also not produce any kind of noise which will disturb the harmony of your home. On top of that, it also does not make any kinds of vibrations which may be the cause of a whole lot of other problems that may appear later on.
1. Produces Less Power Compared to Gas Power Station
If we were to make a comparison between the energy output between the gas power station and solar power station, then we all have to agree to the fact that the gas power station has the capability to produce more electrical energy compared to the solar power station. A gas power station could light up your whole house and all the electrical appliances that you may have in your house together with all the electronic devices that you always use all at the same time. A solar power station could not achieve that kind of electrical supply capability.
2. Consume More Time for Charging
The portable solar power station usually took around 8 hours to charge before you could actually use it to charge your electrical appliances or devices. You may need to wait for 8 hours for solar power station whereas for gas power station, you don't actually need to charge it as the gas power station only consume gasoline to produce electrical energy and refueling the gasoline only took about less than a minute to actually do it.
3. Not Suitable for High Voltage Devices
The solar power station is not actually ideal to power up a high voltage device as it usually runs out of power more quickly when powering up a high voltage device. Instead, you could actually use a gas power station to power up a high voltage device. It's very effective to use gas power stations to power up a high voltage device.

Top Applications for Solar Power Station


1. Power Supply during Emergency Times

You may use the Portable Solar Power Station to actually be an emergency power bank during emergency times like a power shortage events. It's always handy to have a backup power bank to actually gives you the necessary time to figure out another way to gain electricity during a power shortage.

2. Outdoor Leisure Activities

Besides being a backup power bank for a power shortage event, you can also choose to use it to power up your devices during your outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hunting. Due to its lightweight design, you can easily carry the portable solar power station effortlessly anywhere, anytime.

3. Power up Your Drone Hobby

You may also choose to use the portable solar power station to help you to power up your drone whenever it's low on battery. It's really necessary for an RC drone owners to have a portable solar power station so that you may be able to capture or record more images or videos for your portfolio. The use of a power bank is essential for you to enhance your performance in your career.

4. Increase Productivity of Office Staff

Some of the staff in the office may actually choose to work remotely away from the office due to perhaps the unhealthy environment of the office itself. In order to increase the mood as well as the performance of the staff, they can choose to actually use the portable solar power station to help them solve problems such as insufficient power for their laptops as well as other electronic devices. Maybe that staff is you and you may use this portable power station to work more effectively away from the office.


In a nutshell, you may choose to use a portable solar power station if you plan to charge a medium voltage device for a leisure activity or as backup power storage during the emergencies. On the other hand, if you plan to power up a high voltage device, I personally recommend you to use a gas power station as it's more effective. The portable solar power station is very economic as the maintenance cost is from little to none. As we have discussed above, you should consider a lot of factors before you start to make a purchase for a particular type of power station. I hope you find these pieces of information to be helpful and hope that you will use it as your future reference. Cheers!