Following in their own footsteps of DCL season champions 2017, the NEXXBlades team kicked off the 2018 DCL season with a spectacular victory! The Drone Prix Munich hosted at the Munich Mash saw 8 top teams from around the globe compete in the first heat of the league. The competition was fierce as every team came with one objective. The pilots battled it out at the Munich Olympic Park on a track constructed over a lake and many drones (and a few pilots) took the plunge!

DCL winner

Congratulations to Gary Kent (Justice fpv), YoungRok Son (Rock FPV), Brett Collis (COLLISion FPV) and Heiko Schenk from NEXXBlades Racing on taking first place on day two, you do us proud! We would also like to congratulate our fierce competition, Quad Force One from the USA in second place and Raiden Racing in third place and all the other teams and pilots for raising the bar. A big shout out goes to the sponsors and organisers of this incredible event.
Bring on Madrid!