Hi, we are guys from Gens ace, and you someone of you may know about me for a long time and may love me really much, but today, I’ll introduce me to you.  

 shorty lipo pack

You firstly know about us as (4200 2s2p, 4600 2s2p, 5000 2s2p 29#), but now we have more members, you may call the new members are updated versions, they are all RS.

4600 2s2p rs shorty pack

5000 2s2p shorty pack

5500 2s2p shorty pack 

We are shorty pack, that’s mean we are short, our dimensions about 96X47X25mm could be put into almost all the model with shorty battery tray, such as XRAY XB4/XT2/X1, TLR 22, Serpent Spyder/F110, Team Associated B6/F6. And we have a good name among our owners. Have a look what they praise me.

Jason: Great battery, I have 2 of them. I have about 20 charges on this one and going strong, no puffing or anything Running this in my B64D with Fantom 7.5 motor.

Brett Shuttleworth: Getting a shorty for my B6.1. Bang for buck best batteries on the market.

Jeremy Stump: Run your 2s shorty packs in my 2wd buggy, love the punch!

Stephen Dunafan It would be awesome to try these batteries I love my Gens Ace 4600mah shorty’s I have

J-f Roy: 2 of my gens ace are still solid... 5 years in.. 4000 - 2s - 25C... my 4200 shorties 50c 2s in my tlr22, Simply the best batteries on the market.

want to see more about us? we are here: http://www.gensace.de/shorty-lipo

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