As you know, Traxxas is a leading manufacturer in RC control, are the top selling name in Ready-To-Race nitro and electric remote controlled (RC) cars and trucks. Most of its cars are really popular all over the world. Today, we are talking about the battery for Traxxas.

We are from Gens ace, is one of lipo series specially designed for Traxxas cars. Every member of us is featured with soft case, with XT90 plug (for some reasons). And there are some reasons some of you choose us. Compare to original batteries, we are a feature with higher C-rating, 50C, not 25C. Secondly, we are more affordable than original batteries, they cost you arm and leg. Thirdly, we almost no puffing, higher quality.

 6750 4s gens ace

We can compatible with most traxxas models, 1/16,1/10, 1/8, even your boat etc. There is 2200 2s for 1/16 series, such as 1/16 E-Revo, 1/16 Rustler, 1/16 slash etc. 5000 2S, 7600 2S, for most of 1/10 model, such as 1/10 E-Revo, E-Maxx, stampede, bandit, rustler, slash etc. 5000 3S can fit 1/10 Slash, E-Revo, TRX-4 etc. 6750 4S for XMAXX 8S, Unlimited Desert Racer.

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