A battery is the heart of any technology devices. Especially, with portable devices, they will become useless without a battery. One of them is Drone, without battery how can you fly it and shoot spectacular photos. Or it would be very frustrated if we have to charge it after every several minutes of flight. So here are some tips to last the drone battery life.

drone battery

Tip 1: Choose the battery with higher mAh

The battery of your drone may have a different duration depending on the model of the drone and its cost. So if you cant afford the expensive ones, you can choose to upgrade the battery with higher mAh. Check your machine’s specifications for the maximum mAh your model can handle.

However, you should keep in mind that the bigger the battery is, the heavier it will be. If the battery is too heavy, the added weight will only negate the extra power. Just keep the battery’s weight in mind when choosing an upgrade.

Tip 2: Remove the camera (if possible)

You might think that “the purpose I use a drone is to capture or shoot a video from above. Why not use the camera? That’s ridiculous!”. However, there are cases you don’t need to stick your camera on your drones such as when you’re doing a simple test drive to plan an aerial video or just want to see the strength of your vehicle in relation to small currents of wind or special conditions.

The reason you should remove the camera is the weight of the cam affects the duration of the battery cycle by making the drone consume more power and shortening the battery cycle, and in some cases, the camera also uses part of the drone’s battery to work.

Tip 3: Charge the battery correctly.

The way we recharge the battery can have an impact not only on the duration of each cycle but also on the life of the battery. Therefore, knowing charge methods is necessary.

Forgetting the best flight time possible, make sure you finish charging the battery up to four hours before each flight.

Remember not to charge your battery several days before the flight. If you’re not going to fly your quadcopter anytime soon, don’t fully charge the battery. Instead, charge it only 60% of the way and store it in a safe place. Then, when you’re ready to fly, finish charging it to maximum capacity.

Tip 4: Mind the weather

If you’re flying your device outdoors, you should avoid flying during windy or rainy conditions. Because a windy day will require your drone to push through the wind, which will drain more power from the battery than usual. Rain can have the same effect. A sunny day with fair weather is an ideal time for flying your drone.

What do you think? What is your best tip to increase the battery life? Please share your recommendations and thoughts in the comments below.