So this weekend we were in Otterville for the O Town cup series race #1 this is the kick off to our outdoor season and mother nature was not on board.


I was given the opportunity to test out the new RS spec batteries from Gensace. So to make things fair I wanted to get a baseline on my current Gensace 7200mah 70c battery. I am very familiar with this battery since I have been running it for the last 2 years with no issues so to say the least I was very excited to be picked to try out the new RS spec.

So the vehicle of choice was a TLR SCTE 3.0 with a tekin gen3 esc and 4600kv motor mated with a savox 1258 black edition servo. Since mother nature was not cooperating with us we had 0 practice so my 1st time on the track would be in qualifier number one as you can see from my times I qualified in 2nd. I felt that the original 7200 battery performed exactly as expected.

So now I open the box to the brand new 6000mah 100c RS spec battery. I was really impressed by the new grafixs and quality of the pack.


1st thing I noticed was the 5mm bullets that came in the box. Since I didn't want to have to solder new connections on each time I wanted to switch I opted for the 5mm to 4mm bullets adaptors. This also was needed for charging since all my current batteries are 4mm.

The 2nd thing that caught my eye was the size difference. It was notably smaller than the 7200mah. So with that I needed to see the weight difference. The 7200mah comes in at 348g and the 6000mah was only 268g wow that is impressive to say the least anytime you can lower you center of gravity it is a huge plus.

So baseline specs were shown in the pictures and than I quickly got it charging at 10amps on the hitec x4acpro multi charger. After only 26 minutes the pack was ready for qualifier number 2. I have a picture of the packs specs just after charging too.


As you can see from the results my qualifier number 2 was even better not only was it a little bit quicker but the consistency was better too. It was very easy to drive fast and the power the power was just what I needed. The punch was like I maxed out the esc settings it was great. I was able to make the 6 mins qualifier with no issues and still had about 2700mah left.

Now onto the bouble mains A Main #1 I went back to the 7200mah and was able to finish 3rd after a few mistakes I noticed that I didn't have that extra pop that I did with the 6000mah RS.

The 2nd A Main I stepped back up to the 6000mah RS and was going to give it all it could take since it was a 10 min race and was not too sure it would be enough to last that long on such a demanding track. Only change I made to the esc was to turn off the Lipo cutoff.


Well it made it on a true off-road track and as you can see from the results I was able to finish one step closer. I cut it really close running the 10 min A Main and brought the pack down to 14%. It did storage charge with no issues and 0 puffing. I have to say that if you want and need consistent power with weight savings to boot this battery did not disappoint. I will be switching all my personal batteries over to the new RS spec. Due to the severe weather I was not able to get any drone footage and the tracks cameras were not setup either. With that being said I will have running videos this coming week. So please stay posted to this review for more info and cool running videos. If you have any questions please feel free to comment. I will do my best to help out in any way I can.

Thanks to Gensace for the opportunity to test out the best battery I have ever tried.

Reviewed by Adam Ross