Nowadays, more and more driver tend to power their RC cars with shorty lipo pack. With its lighter weight than other packs, it’s more fit for RC racing. Someday, you may find you really need one, too. So, today, I’ll introduce some shorty battery pack from Gens ace. And how to choose the best 2s shorty lipo pack.

As you know, shorty lipo pack with the short-size of the body, most is 2sand the dimensions about 96 47x 25mm, they are great for 1/10 e buggy, Formula 1, other on road racing, and some crawlers etc. Gens ace also has the shorty lipo series, from 4200mah 2s to 5500mah 2s, with 29# with 4.0mm bullet or 59# with 5.0mm bullet, 60C or 100C, High voltage or not. You could find it: Gens ace shorty lipo. And how to choose the best one?

Firstly, you need to Check the C-rating

Check what the C-rating you need, genstattu regular shorty pack with 60C, if it’s enough, you could choose from the 4200-5000 2s2p 29#. But for racing, I guess you may need to get one claim 100C.

gens ace shorty 5500

Check the capacity

Then you have to check the capacity, lower capacity with a little bit runtime.

Check the size of bullet connector

Genstattu shorty pack some come with 4.0mm bullet connector that’s 29#, and one with 5.0mm bullet (59#), you need to check your ESC, that’s 4.0mm or 5.0mm port. And more, the shorty pack which with a 5.0mm bullet can through the higher current than 4.0mm bullet, so it’s better for racing.

LiHv or LiPo

Last, you need to figure out high voltage or not, LiHV means that you can charge to 4.35v, With a fully charged HV battery, voltage is higher than normal LiPo’s (on a 2s, LiHV is 8.7v, lipo is 8.4v), therefore your motors will run harder at higher RPM, and your cars can run faster theoretically.

Check the size of the battery

All of the Shorty battery packs about 96mmx47x25mm, but you still need to check your battery tray size to see if you can put this battery into. 

Check the Gens ace shorty series here: