Want to know more about the Connectors? This article is from someone’s feelings about conncetors, but most of XT30.

Geometrically, the XT30 is a resized XT60 connector, approximately 2/3 size. The bullets are 2.5mm diameter, while the XT60 are 4.3mm. The XT30 is 1.7g, which is pretty light compared to the 6g XT60 if concerned with weight.

I measured the connector resistance at 0.90 mOhms and 1.22 mOhms for the 2 pins. The XT60 had 0.70mOhms both. The jst connector I measured had 22 mOhms and 18.

I had no problems soldering and insulating the connectors, and at the field they are easy to pull apart, especially after using JST for so long.

XT30 connector

In conclusion I think the XT30 are a good choice for lighter quads, probably 100g - 400g depending on max current draw. The price is also good at around $1 each pair. The XT30 should also make a good JST replacement, even if it's slightly heavier. And I've started using XT30 connectors over JST for pretty much all auxiliary connections on my quad. They're slightly heavier, but after experiencing my quad dropping out of the sky due to a failed JST (flight controller to main power connector, which was a mistake in itself, should have direct-soldered), i'd much rather use high quality silicon wire and XT30s to prevent any more mishaps. 

And The XT30 can be plugged in reverse with some amount of force. Some other brand XT30 can be inserted backwards even easier.

There are many different connectors not just XT30, XT60, but also Deans, EC3,EC5 and JST etc, and these are max current rating of connector plug.

  • JST connector – up to 5A
  • XT60 connectors- up to 60 Amps
  • Deans – up to 60 Amps
  • EC3 connector – up to 60 Amps
  • EC5 connector- up to 120 Amps