Yes I’ve been using the two that Tattu sent me, which I just got from the Tattu giveaway, my R-line packs and I’ll tell you what my feelings about these 1300 95C R-line 4S pack.

I have a buddy with a radar gun and we clocked its speed at 153.6 mph but My other 4s packs only got it to 126.2 mph. These 95C R line packs are amazing!!!


Here is my other speed plane that we used the R line packs in and was able to get 139.9 mph. Thanks again for the packs, they are amazing. I will be buying lots more of them.

speed plane

The orange pusher jet I forget the name of the airframe but it was an all white kit that I had to build and paint myself... and I’m running a 100amp Graupner esc with a Venom 3300kv in runner helicopter motor with a 6x6 apc prop.

I’ve been recommending them to everyone I fly with and they are gonna be buying some for their speed planes as well. They were very impressed with the added performance of mine.  

Article written by Myke Flesher.