This Review is for those who want to buy this lipo or want to try out something new, though it’s not that new. I know almost everyone has tried out these beasts, i was a little late setting up my website and all, so sorry for the delay.


What is R-Line? R-Line is a brand new product line specifically designed for professional FPV racing competitions. It's the selling version of Top-pilot batteries. They are more powerful than other graphene batteries. As We All Know Tattu is Known For Their higher capacity, lower internal resistance and lower Operation temperatures. It is Same As Tattu Top-Pilot Lipo. Its In first Stage Version 1.0 Which Performs Very Well. In the future different versions will also be rolled out to meet the needs of different FPV racing competitions.


Specs (Source

Brand – Tattu

Capacity(mAh) – 1550

Voltage(V) – 14.8

Discharge Rate (C) – 95

Max Burst discharge Rate (C) – 190

Configuration – 4S1P

Net Weight(±20g) – 192.6

Length(±5mm) – 72

Width(±2mm) – 35

Height(±2mm) – 36

Connector Type – XT-60

Wire Gauge – 12#

Wire Length(mm) – 65/35

Balancer Connector Type – JST-XH

At They are confirming that they are Top Pilot packs, and They are confirming that they are Graphene packs, Which Mean It can Handle More Than 500 cycles (when properly use with care.!) so I know we’re already in for a treat with their performance.

I like 12Awg grade wire for some serious amp draws. The lenght Of Cable is not too short and not too Long. It can be easily Usable On 200-240 class quads. It also Comes With Balance connector (protector) which is good to use to save balance lead from props and easily asseable When charging Them. Weight is About 182 (for 1550mah) I honestly use this lipo For race Weight to power ratio is like 180 grms of lipo on beast set up.!!


I don’t have any Testing Equipment But i have other lipos like bonka, turnigy etc. To Compare With it, I generally fly them on a course and checking for battery sag, Internal Resistance, Build Quality. Build Quality- As the Tattu is Known For good quality lipos they Directly reflects when You feel them in hand.

Checking Sag & Overall Performance-I Fly Them around 13-15 cycles each last week. during heat i droped cells to 2.9-3.0v. After 1hr when I Reached Home I Charged Them I was Surprised Too see now puff .!! They are True 1550MAh. This means that the 1550mAh genuinely gives you around 1550mAh if you leave around 20% in the pack as you should. They are Cold when They Land.

Internal Resistance-Comparing Them to Other Lipos They Are Very Minimal IR. I got 2-3ohms in Each cell in R-LINE & Got 3-6ohms per cell In Bonka. The Same Charger Was Used to ensure the results were kept fair.


They are a little heavy compared to 1500mah Lipos (of course Coz its 1550mah), but they provide solid and constant power throughout the pack but the fact the power is still there after 30 seconds Of Serious Punch Outs That’s Why it doesn’t matter. Because of the extra capacity I was expecting them to perform not so good, but I am amazed to say I think they performed better.I had pulled on them in my 2:30 to 3 minute flights. From My First Cycle To Last Cycle They performed same which is incredible..!! Now i know the Hype.!! I Will Definatly Use them In Race..!!



By the way Tattu R-Line 1550mAh 4S 95C won 2017 MultiGP Spec Class Voting. Tattu the most voted battery amongst all the other famous brands. Celebration!