Tattu R-Line Version 2.0 1300mAh/1550 100C 4S1P High Voltage LiPo battery pack is the latest  version of R-Line series. But what is R-Line? R-Line is a brand new product line specifically designed for professional FPV racing competitions. It's also a subsidiary of the Tattu brand.

Last year when R-Line version 1.0 were released, and loved by many pilots. But not yet finished, and then this year Tattu released launched the R-line 2.0 version which is a high voltage series. The single cells are rated with 4.35V instead of 4.20V, and charging them to 4.35V gives the Lipo an advantage of more than 250mAh against charging it with 4.20V.  And this item can last 40.2 seconds burst at 80A, while other top brands at around 3 seconds (this results from lipobench ).

 TATTU 2.0

Right now, this Lipo is outperforming every Lipo tested at Lipobench so far. The 190g weight is well within the other top ranked Lipos. The new R-Line 2.0 HV i got had another nice feature that I realy did like: a removeable balance cable . The discharge curves on the graphs do indeed show the great performance of this Lipo, and while the results are great at 30A and 60A, Gens Ace did manage to build a excellent performing Lipo even at 80A. Somehow they did even manage to keep the temperature under control. Data from: http://lipobench.com/index.php?page=80Aranking


Minimum Capacity: 1300mAh

Configuration: 4S1P / 15.2V / 4Cellss

Discharge Rate: 100C

Max Burst discharge Rate: 200C

Net Weight(±20g): 163g

Dimensions:75mm Length x 35.5mm Width x 33mm Height

Charge Plug: JST-XHR

Discharge Plug: XT60

Capatible with:

Nemesis 240 Mini,Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, INDY250 PLUS,HOVERSHIP MHQ2(270), ,ZMR 250, Emax Nighthawk 250, Mini H:QAV250, QAV180/210, Danaus, Vortex 285, Mini H,  FLIP FPV FRAME, MOJO 280 DRONE and FPV etc.