Tattu 450mAh 11.1V 45C 3S1P Lipo Battery provides high quality, reliable power for your smal-size FPV such as torrent110. Not just torrent, some fpv racers use it on their KingKong Fly Egg 130mm racing drone and others, and here are some customer reviews as follow:

Chad G. Dequevedo said:

I've been running some 40c Lectron Pro's for about 3 years now. They still run great, but I decided to get a new battery to compare because sometimes you don't realize how much power a battery is losing over time. Plus the price of this battery is unbelievable and Gens Ace/Tattu have a good reputation in the forums. The first thing I noticed it this battery is a lot lighter and noticeably smaller than my old ones. First flight on a profile foamy in very light winds was amazing. My vertical was faster and my 3D moves had a great snap to them. I flew a Lectron right after it and while the flight was good, I could feel the difference in weight. So the Lectron are my batteries for windy days and the Tattu are for light winds. But then yesterday in 17 to 20 MPH winds ( A friend had a meter) I put the Tattu on and I had no problems flying slowly against the wind. The Lectron's were a little better and gaining speed during a dive because they were heavier, but the Tattu was still great. I ordered another.

--update-- It's only been a couple of weeks, but yesterday I was tail dragging and hovering with my profile foamy and decided to punch of of them a few times and really see what power I had with these new batts. It is a truly unlimited vertical. I'd go high, flat spin down really nice because of the lighter weight, go right back into a hover, and then punch it back into the air again. Because I knew I could power out, I was doing some really low flying.

Mike Stafford said:

Great battery I ordered this for my KingKong Fly Egg 130mm racing drone. Fit and works perfectly. Gave my racer much more punch and fly time. Shipping was fast and packaged nicely. Thanks so much great product.

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