Review and Flight test of the new TATTU 30A BlHeli S ESCS with a Leopard 230mm Stretch Frame. Check out the super smooth Tattu 30A escs. Easy to solder up and calibrate. The maiden flight went perfect. No tuning or bad vibes even using the power hungry Emax 2306 motors. Love it when a build goes so perfect!


- BL Heli S

- DShot 150,300,600

- Medium profile. Not super small.

- Easy solder tabs. Plenty of space to solder wires.

- Calibrated perfect the first time.

- Supports Bl Heli updates

- Smooth and quiet operation on the maiden flight.

 esc review


- None I can think of. They are working great so far.

New TATTU 30A BlHeli S Escs here :

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