A good part of the German Gens Ace team was at the German National Championship in Hamm last weekend. Many drivers were already at the racetrack the weekends before, and also this week the track was open from Thursday, so everybody was well prepared. 15 drivers, including new Gens Ace Factory Team driver Marc Fischer were counted to run Gensace Lipos.

On Saturday the qualification was run in dry weather. In Modified Marc Fischer was in the top 3 in every round, with a first place in the 2nd round, which resulted in Qualification spot 3. David Ehrbar also made the A final with a 7th place in the first two rounds of qualifying.

In the F1 class David Ehrbar won the first round, and finished qualifying in 2nd position. Jan Bohlen on 3rd place, Sebastian Meibörg on 5th place and Andreas Reifferscheid on 7th place completed a great result for Gensace with 4 out of 10 drivers in the F1 A final. Unfortunately the Finals in the F1 class were not run because of the rain.

In the stock class Jan Rettke and Kevin Sparbier made the A final with 7th and 8th place.

After a long break the touring car Finals were run in the rain, but except the modified A final there was not a lot of action, as most drivers had no rain car prepared.

In the modified class, 9 out of 10 drivers raced. Marc Fischer finished the first final on 2nd place, and could win the 2nd and 3rd final, so he is the new German Nationals Champion.

David Ehrbar finished the final on 7th place.

So the German Nationals were a big success for Gens Ace.